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Golden Real Estate offers a service that proves you are the rightful owner of the property. The transfer is done through the title deed (Tabu in Turkish). Once you have signed all the sales documents and transport documents, all necessary documents are sent to the title office by the Golden Real Estate Agents. If you have not appointed an official agent, you should be present to transfer the ownership of the taboo. The seller and the buyer (or the person acting as your agent) meet in the property bond office on time. The ownership is transferred in the presence of a reliable translator.

The transfer of title deed is as follows:

  • All necessary documentation for registration of transfer of ownership is prepared.
  • After preparing the documents, all necessary information is sent to the title office.
  • On the same day of completion of the transfer, the buyer pays the full amount and formally obtains ownership of the property.

Foreigners usually complete the transfer of the title deed in about 3 to 5 days, due to the transfer of funds from foreign accounts.

After signing the title deeds, we help you transfer the contributions such as water, gas and electricity from the previous owner to you. This is done very easily, safely and quickly.


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