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Gold Estate Turkey
“GOLD ESTATE TURKEY” was launched from the heart of Turkey. In 2004, our real estate activity was largely local. In recent years, we have moved more to foreign real estate activity to meet the needs of our valued customers everywhere. Our extensive experience in real estate in Turkey, our qualified experts in Turkish universities with diplomas in the field of investment and real estate and our official licenses from the Turkish government authorities, our internal and external relations … and many factors helped the Gold Estate Turkey to occupy the top ranks in the Turkish real estate market shortly

Today at Gold Estate Turkey we stand together with our valued customers from the very first moment in their projects that often start by inquiring and researching,

And we continue with them in field tours to evaluate and price the property on the ground and watch it. We follow with advice and advice – we speak your language – according to studies and analyzes,

And go with them together to end the deal, and then put all our investment development and administrative services in their hands to reach their goal desired whatever.

In “Gold Estate Turkey” all of our transactions are formal and documented by official contracts, our financial system is Islamic, our dealings give your primary interest as our reputation,

We do not seek big commissions but we seek great deals. Gold Estate  Turkey  Company is your first reference and the easiest door to get the best real estate and the strongest offers in Turkey

With competitive prices, is the place where you can find great opportunities to get what you want from real estate, farms, land, houses and villas of high luxury,

All of our services involve the most beautiful and prestigious Turkish cities (Istanbul, Spanga, Izmit, Yelwa, Skaria, Alanya, Antalya) with the best prices, the lowest costs and the fastest means.

Gold Estate Turkey Company is a Turkish company and the only one that speaks Turkish fluently Arabic, which makes it easy for you when dealing with them and inquire about all the details.
Gold Estate Turkey has a long history and real estate experience of more than 12 years both locally and globally. It specializes in meeting the needs of customers all over the world.
The company has a group of qualified experts in Turkish universities and who have diplomas in the field of investment and real estate.
Gold Estate Turkey Company is a licensed company from the government agencies and has a commercial register and informs the client of his official papers whenever he wishes, which increases the feeling of safety and seriousness.
Gold Estate Turkey  Company has the task of standing together with the clients in the search and selecting the right property for them. It also answers all inquiries related to it.
Qualified staff at the highest level of the company’s personnel conduct a field tour with the customers to see the property on the ground and the area in which it is located, and to see it from inside and to know its advantages, disadvantages and possibilities that are available so as not to be confused at the choice.
We are unlike many real estate companies in Turkey that follow the style of thrill when talking about their own properties without taking into account the credibility and the clarification of the defects, which makes the customer surprised after the completion of the procedures with a different frustration, the first goal is credibility with customers.
We do not miss Gold Estate Turkey at all customers with advice and advice at any time due to the experience of our staff in all fields and real estate specialties.
We do not impose our views on the client at all, but we clarify all the investment and development and management of the matter and leave him the freedom to choose what is appropriate for him and answer all his inquiries.
As for the financial matters that concern many when dealing with real estate companies, we at Gold Estate Turkey i deal officially and more confidently through regular contracts that guarantee the right of the client and the company at the same time.
All financial transactions in our company Gold Estate Turkey are subject to the Islamic system and are carried out according to Islamic transactions and fully legal.
The main objective that Gold Estate Turkey  seeks to achieve is the convenience and interest of the customer and the provision of all his needs.
Gold Estate Turkey Company is different from others in a lot of things, most notably not to pursue large commissions, but to seek to satisfy their customers and gain great dealings and reputation in the first place.
Gold Estate  Turkey Services does not stand at a specific city but extends to include the vast majority of Turkish cities such as: Istanbul, Skaria, Sapanga, Antalya, Izmit and other cities covering all over Turkey.
Ease of communication with the company’s members by means of a number of means, including visits to the headquarters in Istanbul, or by telephone or e-mail, or through social media or through the official website.
We also have many real estate services in Turkey that meet all the needs of our customers and we offer without any additional fees.

In the end, we hope that we have provided all our customers with some of the information that many are looking for when choosing a real estate company in Turkey with confidence, trust and authorizations from the Turkish government, and warning against falling into the trap of unsafe companies.


Notice : We are a registered real estate company in Turkey .. we do not send any location or address of any project directly, only in the presence of a representative of our company to be with you during the presentation of the project in order to preserve the mechanism of work recognized in the Turkish real estate market .. thanks for your cooperation

Government certificates and licenses

ISO quality certificates

With the high trust of its customers and the high quality of its real estate and investment services, Gold Estate Turkey has obtained the ISO quality certificates. We always strive for the high quality of our services to all our customers.

Our company’s office photo in Istanbul:

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