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Antalia and the mystery of the beauty of its beaches

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  • Antalya Blue: an important center in tourism and travel globally, which remained at the center of the first and to become the number of beaches 208 beaches worldwide.

The state of Antalya has maintained its position at the forefront of all Turkish cities’. The following regions in the ratings are Izmir 49 Beach

And the city of Eden Beach 30

The statement came from some environmental officials, speaking that his country has come in the rank of thrones on the world, it is the signal blue flag “

He added that Antalya has maintained the lead in the level of cities around the world, “The number of beaches of the blue flag in Antalya, rose to 202 beaches,

, After it was 200 beach, “he said.

He pointed out that Antalya continues to increase the number of beaches with the blue flag, and that it is an example of other Turkish cities, which makes them bear a great responsibility in this regard, and continues to lead in the city of Turkey, and the rest of the cities around the world.

He pointed to the increase in the number of beaches of the blue flag in Turkey, with 463 beaches on the international blue emblem, for this year, 150 of them public beaches, and 313 beaches for tourist facilities.

And that the Turkish authorities are making great efforts to increase the number of blue-flagged beaches and ports in Turkey

“The Waqf was established in 1993 and has been carrying out important cooperative projects with the relevant ministries for 26 years,” he said. “While the number of beaches in Raya in 1995 was only 5, this number has now risen to 463.”

The Waqf team includes 20 people, who continue to work professionally to increase the number of beaches of the blue flag, and in this context provide great support from the relevant ministries, local administrations, as well as the Turkish people. “

For his part, President of the Turkish Hotel Managers Association, Olkay Atmaga, told Anatolia that hotel guests attach great importance to the beaches of the Blue Flag, especially European tourists.

He added that the beaches with the blue badge are more popular than others, where the blue flag indicates the cleanliness of sea water, beaches and environmental safety.

He explained that the beach stretching between the regions of Kash and Ghazi Pasha, contains tourist facilities is very important, pointing out that Antalya is also ranked first in the world, in terms of the number of five-star hotels.

He pointed out that Antalya Pena is the world’s largest city in terms of its blue-flagged beaches, a natural result of being one of the most important tourist capitals in the world.

“We need to increase the number of blue flag beaches. We have recently held a meeting. We aim to move Turkey to the forefront by working to improve the country’s beach standards and attract more tourists who attach great importance to the beaches of the Blue Flag,” he added.

An environmental mark issued by the Global and Non-Governmental Environmental Education Foundation. The Blue Flag is the blue flag of beaches and seaports that meet certain criteria, such as water quality and environmental safety.

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