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Property Management in Turkey


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After the promulgation of the law of 2012 AD which gives foreigners the power to own property in Turkey Attracting foreigners to Turkey has become a major challenge, But maintain trust and provide the best services is the most important thing in Gold Estate, and  from this logic we launched Real estate management service in Turkey Within the features and characteristics that exceed the expectations of customers.

To prove to you that we are the best option in the Real Estate market in Turkey, and most keen to provide services to maintain long-term customer confidence.


The property management service in Turkey is divided as follows:


  • General services for all customers including:
  1. Advertise your property for sale on our page and marketing your property in our own way to be seen by the thousands of visitors who visit our site daily you can add all the specifications of the property and features and picture and others ..
  2. Join our newsletter to receive all new of changes and developments in the Real Estate market in Turkey.


  • After sales services including:
  1. Design the decor and choose the home brushes after the client’s consent to what suits him.
  2. Pay all monthly dues from bills and returns.
  3. Preserving the property in the period of absence from it.
  4. Rent or invest the property if desired.
  5. Follow-up stages of completion of the project in case it is incomplete.
  6. Inform the customer all the new in the Real Estate Market of high and low prices, and take action about it.
  • Property Price Assessment Service in Turkeyl:

Through our extensive experience in the real estate market in Turkey, We noticed that the customer may have difficulties Evaluate the Real Estate price of the property he aspires to own, and that making custmer into the hands of brokers, so they do not ask about selling the property twice its real price and sometimes more, Especially if the custmer is not good with a Turkish language.

Careful of customers to prevent any fraud the customers are located we launched a Property Price Assessment Service in Turkey before buying through experts and Real Estate consultants in the Turkish Eeal Estate Market.

This service can be used whether the property is owned and the customer wishes to sell it and wants to evaluate its price or wants to buy a property from another company.

For more information you can contact our customer service here.

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