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Real Estate and Investment
Notice :
We are a registered real estate company in Turkey .. we do not send any location or address of any project directly, only in the presence of a representative of our company to be with you during the presentation of the project in order to preserve the mechanism of work recgnized in the Turkish real estate market .. thanks for your cooperation

Purchase of Property and Investment

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It is known that our company Gold Estate Special services and unique, through which to achieve all the wishes of the investor looking for.

Among the most important services provided: Purchase of Real Estate and Investment Participation, for example: one foreign investor bought investment land in Turkey, and decided to build an investment project on this land, but the investor did not find the money or the time or other reasons to complete the project, Our company provides engineers and real estate experts to create the required project and complete the profit sharing project with the land investor, through certified contracts and agreements agreed in advance to save the rights of both sides, the percentage of profits obtained by the investor Between 30% to 70% depending on the type of real estate project, area, land specifications and prior agreements made.

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