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We are a registered real estate company in Turkey .. we do not send any location or address of any project directly, only in the presence of a representative of our company to be with you during the presentation of the project in order to preserve the mechanism of work recgnized in the Turkish real estate market .. thanks for your cooperation


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Progress Gold Estate all Real Estate Legal consulting services through a selection of experienced lawyers and specialists in all respects Real Estate in Turkey Generally of contracts and title deeds and verify the authenticity of the papers of any property it is sold or bought by us, and it is designed to help you and achieve the desired results of Real Estate investment, and our company is responsible for the authenticity of this property and complete all legal requirements to contract with the competent authorities in Turkey.

Our real estate company has a high competitive advantage through the experience of its team in Real Estate markets and their skills in analysis  where it provides a field survey of the real estate sector, and provide detailed analysis, and feasibility studies financially and administratively, and proposals for project development, and other relevant studies.

Our Eeal Estate experience stems from its success in following up real estate markets and periodic reporting on market performance, which highlighted our ability to help our customers while understanding the specifics of projects and provide the necessary consultation to choose the best investment opportunities through the successful vision of our team.

We also offer to our customers opportunity to see the latest legislation of the Turkish government and organizational developments and we provide consulting with a high level of quality on Real Estate finance and guarantees and Real Estate investment funds.


  • Marketing on the basis of schemes:

Our Real Estate company works on the marketing of building plans by modern and scientific methods, Such as: Publish schema and advertising in the largest real estate forums and on all our electronic accounts on the Internet, Use commercial ads in local radio and newspapers to where our customers are located, Prepare publications for the scheme and dissemination through agents around the world, deploy the schema in Faxes and E-mail.


  • Swap property:

Our company offers special service for customers, It is a swap service for a house, villa or any property Better or smaller ( When you want to get a portion of the price of the property and buy another ), We noticed through our experience in markets customers maybe subject to fraud in the location, specifications or price of the property and custmer finds himself in trouble is difficult to get out it, so we recently launched this service and we detect the property to be exchanged in case it suits us, and Ask the customer to choose any other property and in any tourist city of their choice then a contract to swap the property is written with the client.



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