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We are a registered real estate company in Turkey .. we do not send any location or address of any project directly, only in the presence of a representative of our company to be with you during the presentation of the project in order to preserve the mechanism of work recgnized in the Turkish real estate market .. thanks for your cooperation

Property Development in Turkey

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Concept of Real Estate Development and Real Estate Developer:

Real Estate Development: It is a business and a successful profitable investment includes amendment activities, Such as partial or total repair of old or neglected properties or renovate existing buildings or purchase vacant land and then establish an innovative project on them then marketing and selling it afterwards.

Real Estate Developer: A person or company developing a particular area or location, or the reconstruction and renovation of an existing building, the developer has multiple options, and his knowledge of the real estate market, and the outcome of the project and the objective of its development after the expiry period, and He is the coordinator of the various activities of the development process, and He who transforms the creative idea from paper to reality on the real.

The real estate developer is not a contractor or real estate consultant but is a development manager, provides the best idea for the project, through detailed feasibility studies, and sources of funding and selecting the best consultant, and the best contractor, and Developing a marketing plan and selling strategy, The real estate developer spends his time looking for suitable places to develop and dealing with financial institutions, construction offices and contractors.

The idea is very important in real estate development, But the most important thing is to study the application correctly away from the risk of market fluctuations after the end of the project, any idea of all its aspects should be carefully studied and examined, through wise planning and comprehensive feasibility studies.


  • Real Estate Development in cooperation with us:
  1. Instruct foreign investors and developers for places experiencing real estate growth and prosperity in the internal demand of the Turkish real estate market.
  2. Finding suitable land opportunities for projects Which developers think of creating their own projects.
  3. Economic feasibility study of real estate projects in detail and provide the best ideas for obtaining Turkish market consensus projects and achieve the best profits for developers and real estate investors.
  4. Participate in real estate development with investors or linking them to the best real estate developers reliable in Turkey for construction work and finishes.
  5. Marketing Real Estate projects through our long experience in Real Estate marketing and the extensive customer base we have in foreign and domestic markets.


  • Elements of the success of Real Estate Development
  1. Department of Studies and Research in Real Estate Company to follow the market permanently and update its data.
  2. Investment Management Section, the importance of the developer’s ability to manage capital which employs in his projects Especially as he is usually occupied with more than one Real Rstate development project.
  3. Scientific advisory team specialized in the preparation of feasibility studies for economic proposals and investment projects, the purpose of the feasibility study, Its analyzes and predicts future market trends, prices and project performance.

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