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We are a registered real estate company in Turkey .. we do not send any location or address of any project directly, only in the presence of a representative of our company to be with you during the presentation of the project in order to preserve the mechanism of work recgnized in the Turkish real estate market .. thanks for your cooperation

Property Marketing in Turkey

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Marketing: Is a group of activities and business and works to discover customer desires and business development which customers are looking for and achieve their desire During a brief period.

it’s known Real Estate Marketing Is a group of activities Carried out by the company as requested by the customer to facilitate sales and purchases, Real Estate Marketing depends on two basic items:

1- Create the request: The request is generated by identifying real estate opportunities, and real estate market studies, and planning of real estate products, and publishing and advertising and product pricing.

2- the request service: Through actual investigation of the sale or purchase by many functions the most important is Real Estate Marketing technical services, guarantees, distribution outlets, select sectors customers and Finance.

Taking into consideration Price increases when demand increases and the supply decreases, and decreases when demand decreases and the supply increases, while stabilizes when supply meets demand.

Gold Estate know Real Estate Marketing: Complete science looking at the needs and desires of customers the current and future in owning real estate, where we work to meet the demands against acceptable earnings Of the company, and this comes through communication and research about customer’s desire after asking them about them.


The first concerns in Gold Estate study each project give us business Marketing, Based on the project location and make sure it is finished completely, and value as an investment opportunity, and Purchase reliability, and the right price according to customer segment.

We know that customer trust acquisition is very difficult, and losing it is very easy, and through credibility and accuracy and Ease of dealing, We started to gain customer trust and preservation.


We value the success of our company in real estate marketing through the volume of customer turnout and customer satisfaction, not from profit size where we work to open channels of communication between us and our customers and assign a special employee to each client to facilitate communication.


There are personal qualifications must be available in the real estate agent:

  • Take care to work with credibility and High morals.
  • Full sense of responsibility and trust of all.
  • Ability to listen and remember and follow the instructions carefully.
  • Positive orientation and spirited spirit to complete the work.
  • The existence of logic and Ability to govern and good persuasion.

Classification of real estate Real Estate companies may work in one or each of the following areas:

  • Residential Real Estate ( Apartments, resorts, villas ).
  • Commercial Real Estate ( shops for sale, shopping Center, administrative buildings ).
  • Industrial Real Estate ( Factories, stores ).
  • Agricultural Real Estate ( Farms, orchards, land ).
  • Private Real Estate ( Mosques, churches, hospitals, schools ).

We separate marketing and selling and We consider that the sales function of Real Estate Marketing function, Which includes an appropriate property selection For customers’ desire and budget, and real estate consultancy and valuation of real estate and after sale services like property management.

Our great studey above for Real Estate Marketing, and working to meet customer’s desire to own property in Turkey according to the existing budget it does not mean we are ready to waste the whole time with the non-serious customer, or a customer who has a desire to purchase But did not make the final decision.

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