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Learn most important reasons for investing in Turkey

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what are the reasons which makes the foreign investor in Turkey?
Let’s take a look at the most important factors that make Turkey the desirable region for investment…


  •  A booming economy in real estate and tourism:
    Who following the indicators of the Turkish economy, and sees the increase of Turkish exports abroad, and the huge projects created by the Turkish government in Istanbul particular, and the great plans to make Turkey one of the best countries in the world economically, Today’s investment in real estate in Turkey makes an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to buy a property to invest, and enjoy the nature of picturesque Turkey at the lowest prices.


  •  Infrastructure:
    New infrastructure with high-tech transportation and telecommunications
    Advanced sea transport routes and the advantage of rail transport to Central Europe
    Istanbul III Airport Project the largest infrastructure projects in the world with an estimated value of 6.4 billion dollars
    It was followed directly by the Gebze-Izmir highway project including the Osman Ghazi Bridge, which is estimated at $1 billion and $86 million.


  • The hotel sector is very sparkling:
    After the flow of foreigners and Arab tourists to Turkey, There has been a surge in hotel demand, and This led to a wave of investment, To ensure you have the perfect accommodation, Hotels are available in all places beside the shopping mall, There is a hotel built on an island away from the hustle and bustle of the city for lovers of relaxation and relaxation, There is a hotel in the city center for business and meetings, As well as hotels medical cities for treatment and accompaniment, Then hotels entertainment and gaming cities Sports events such as golf clubs and horse racing and auto racing tracks.


  • The future of bright investment has begun:
    You can buy property in a project under construction in a dynamic area or strategy, After the completion of the project you can sell at a higher price.
    You can invest land for sale in a distinctive location and enter the future within the organizational plans of the cities, Or the adoption of housing complexes on them and then sell them double the price and more.
    real estate development you buy an old property and then renew it and improve it, then sell it at a higher price.


  • Central location:
    A natural bridge connecting the eastern, western, northern and southern, Thus creating a cost-efficient outlet for major markets.
    Easy access to 1.5 billion customers in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.
    A gateway to multiple markets representing 25 trillion US dollars of gross domestic product.


  • Incentives and reduced taxes:
    Reduction of corporate income tax from 33% to 20%.
    Tax incentives and benefits in technological development zones, industrial zones and free zones, includes a full or partial exemption from corporate income tax, in the form of a grant on the employer’s share, in Social Security, In addition to land allocation law to support innovation and R & D.
    Incentives for strategic investments, for large investments and regional investments.


  • Customs Union with the European Union since 1996:
    The establishment of the Customs Union with the European Union since 1996.
    (FTA) with 20 countries (Ministry of Economy).
    More FTAs are on their way to conclusion.
    EU accession negotiations.


  • Qualified Manpower:
    More than 31.7 million young people with a high level of education and enthusiasm (2016, Turkish Statistical Institute).
    The productivity of workers is increasing by approximately 860 thousand a student graduated annually from more than 180 universities (2016-CoHe).
    More than 960 thousand students graduated from high school, almost half of them graduated from vocational and technical schools (2016 – Ministry of National Education).


  • Liberal investment climate:
    The second largest climate of reforms among the OECD countries, in terms of restrictions on foreign direct investment since 1997.
    (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Foreign Direct Investment Index 1997-2012).
    An encouraging business environment with an average of 6 days to create a company, While the average for OECD member countries is 11 days (World Bank Doing Business 2014 Report)
    Highly competitive investment conditions.
    Strong culture in industry and services.
    Equal treatment for all investors.
    About 41,397 companies with foreign capital in 2014 (Ministry of Economy).
    International Arbitration.
    Ensure that transfers are implemented.


  • Agricultural and food investment in Turkey:
    Turkey has plant varieties of vegetables and fruits estimated at about 11,000 species, While the total number of plant breeds in Europe is 11,500 species.
    Turkey is a global leader in the production of dried figs, nuts, raisins / apricots and dried apricots.
    Turkey Has the highest rate of milk and dairy production in its region.

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