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Turkey plans to build projects worth billions


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Recently, Turkey has witnessed a number of challenges, but this has not prevented it from continuing its progress and development in all sectors, real estate, military and commercial….etc.

Turkey has already planned to catch up with developed countries, and is moving towards achieving the goal of development through the establishment of a number of projects that contribute to the development of human and material resources significantly.

These projects are one of the largest projects planned for the coming years:

  • Natural gas transportation project: which Turkey aims to transport Iranian and Azerbaijani gas after the agreement with Iran, The project budget is estimated at 12$ billion dollars and is expected to be completed in 2018.
  • Power saving project in huge quantities: which is known as the nuclear reactor project (Akkoyu), About 40% of Turkish engineers and specialists will work in the project, The project cost about  20$ billion dollars.
  • The huge project that will make a great leap forward in Turkey is the third Istanbul airport project: Which after its completion will be the largest airport in the world, Which will replace the Frankfurt International Airport in terms of global transfers, Which will replace the Frankfurt International Airport in terms of global transfers
    And will become the most important airports in public transport, The project cost about  10$ billion dollars.
  • Road transport facilitation projects:   By connecting cities with bridges, and various of transportation, Which contributes to activation of trade, These projects cost about 6$ billion dollars.

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