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Turkey announces opening of the longest suspension bridge in the world


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The Chairman of the Turkish company “Limak Holding”, a partner in the construction of the bridge “canakkale 1915”, They plan to open the bridge before 2023 which marks the centenary of the founding of the Turkish Republic.

Ozdemir explained at a breakfast event on Monday in the western city of Bursa, The bridge of canakkale 1915 is planned to open by 2023 however, we have an opening plan before that date.

Ozdemir noted that his company is building the bridge, in partnership with two South Korean companies, Indicating that the construction works are underway in full swing, He stressed that the bridge will be the longest bridge in the world with the completion of construction, with a length of 3 thousand, 860 meters, While the distance between the two towers (columns) is 2023 meters, and it has 6 lanes (3 to go and 3 for the return).

At the end of February, the Turkish Minister of Transport, Communications and Maritime Transport Ahmet Arslan announced, A South Korean company won a tender for the construction of the “canakkale 1915” bridge on the Dardanelles Strait.

Daelim-Limak-SK group of South Korea, said at a news conference, Presented the construction of the bridge in 5 and a half years, in 10 billion and 354 million and 576 thousand and two hundred and two Turkish lira (About 2.74 billion dollars).

The project will be one of the bridges linking Asia to Europe, Parallel to the highway project, which will be one of the most important sections of the bridge, The highway connects Istanbul and Izmir, and will contribute to ease traffic in Istanbul, Especially on the bridges, It also reduces transport costs to the Aegean region.

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