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New Turkish Ottoman House will shine in New York


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Turkey has announced the construction of the building “New Turkish House”, opposite the United Nations headquarters in New York City, According to the Seljuk and Ottoman models, to take its place among the most prominent icons of the city, A Turkish-American company won the tender for the building, which was contested by largest construction companies, The demolition is continuing after it was the headquarters of the Permanent Mission of Turkey and its consulate to 2013.

Turkey has bought the building from IBM, a software giant company, in 1977 with the contribution of its then Foreign Minister (İhsan Sabri Çağlayangil).

“New Turkish House” will be 35-storey, Where it is consistent with Turkey’s needs and foreign policy, As well as its increasingly important status Globally.

The new building consists of an space of 20 thousand square meters, a height of 171 meters, Casts a shadow over United Nations Headquarters and “UN Plaza”.

The new Turkish House is built with modern technologies, To include the Permanent Mission and General Consulate of Turkey, and meeting, conference rooms, As well as a car park and staff accommodation, The parties signed the tender on May 16 to start work on the establishment of the “New Turkish House”, Which designed by Perkins Eastman Architecture.

The building is like a “Tulip” flower, It has a Turkish architectural decoration topped by Seljuk decoration, It will be visible from Manhattan, East River and Long Island City.

The “New Turkish House” was designed in the form of a symbolic skyscraper reflecting Turkish culture and history, The gate will be designed as an architecture by the Seljuk and Ottoman empires, a technology storage system will be designed to use rainwater in the building, which is planned to be environmentally friendly.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry said New York City hosts the United Nations headquarters, and New York City home to the largest number of Turkish citizens living in the United States, The project is expected to be completed in 2021.

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