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We are a registered real estate company in Turkey .. we do not send any location or address of any project directly, only in the presence of a representative of our company to be with you during the presentation of the project in order to preserve the mechanism of work recgnized in the Turkish real estate market .. thanks for your cooperation


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We aim at providing the best services to Arab and foreign investors by offering several distinguished services

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Our services have extended beyond Turkey in Turkey with over 10 years experience in real estate and real estate in Turkey

Real Estate Insurance Service in Turkey
Property Transfer Service (Tabu)

Open a Turkish bank account
Legal services and law services
Turkish accommodation service
Service of furniture purchase and home processing in Turkey
Purchase of real estate and investment participation
Valuation and property management service in Turkey
Real Estate Development Service in Turkey
Real Estate Marketing Service in Turkey
Reception and tours of real estate
Real Estate Consultancy Service in Turkey
Service of subscriptions and registration of services
Service Benefits of owning a property in Turkey
Service establishment company in Turkey

Buying a property for you in Turkey from Golden Real Estate gives you the privilege of taking advantage of the exclusive “pre and after sales” services. Our goal is to establish a lasting relationship with customers. Post-sale services will continue with us as you own the property.

 Premium pre-sale services of Golden Real Estate

  • Reception in the company and presentation of all appropriate projects.
  • Arrange tours to find your right property in Turkey.
  • Explain your purchase procedures with all the details to erase all question marks from your mind.

-We try our best to find the perfect property for you.

  • We help you to get a mortgage from a Turkish bank if necessary.
  • Preparation of all legal documents and sales contract.
  • Arrange an appointment with counsel (counselor) if necessary.
  • Assistance and guidance on tax matters related to your property.
  • Ensure the safety of the property to ensure the client of real estate fraud.
  • Arranging appointments with the notary regarding the agency and translation.

 The distinctive post services of Golden Real Estate

  • We provide transfer of property instrument (tabo).
  • Register the property with your name.
  • Help you to obtain a tax number from the tax office.
  • Registration in electricity, water and telephone lines. See cost …
  • Help you open a bank account and give you an idea of ​​the local banking system.
  • Help buy furniture in Istanbul and all other household appliances.
  • Advice on property insurance (theft, earthquakes, storms, etc.).

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