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Criteria and procedures for buying an apartment in Istanbul

The purchase of an apartment in Istanbul was and remains the dream that many Arabs and other countries living in this city , which has been witness to many civilizations throughout the ages , have sought to achieve , not only in the past but also as a model for a modern and integrated city that suits civilized development . 

In the past , Turkish law was very strict in the procedure of selling , buying and owning foreigners, and strict controls were made difficult to take the decision and complete the steps , unlike the current situation , which has become easy and everyone can buy either a piece of land or real estate in Turkey .

Now you can combine all these advantages in one step . You can buy an apartment in one of the most beautiful cities and capitals of the world and use it for your stay in Turkey whether for work or Learning . 

And you can also exploit them in terms of investment in the leasing process and benefit from the profit and return of its own material , while increasing your chances of hiking and travel there for the purpose of tourism throughout the year and keep away from the stresses and troubles of life .

Istanbul and its European and Asian sections are the focus of everyone’s eyes and the first choice of any foreigner who comes to Turkey and wants to buy an apartment is the most famous city in Turkey with all the elements of tourism and beauty . There is no room for boredom at all .

Criteria for buying an apartment in Istanbul
Buying an apartment in Istanbul does not depend only on the desire or decision making . There are several criteria to be considered when looking for an apartment and buy it , which we will address in the next lines so that each owner is fully aware of it .

Before talking about the criteria to consider when buying an apartment in Istanbul , you should first understand the types of apartments in Istanbul so you can choose what suits you .

Types of apartments in Istanbul
In Istanbul you will find all kinds of apartments and properties you are looking for

There are the finest neighborhoods with the most luxurious buildings and apartments with the finest geometrical designs to match world-class cities such as Paris and New York , and the most famous areas of Istanbul are Sarayir , Kaghit Hane , Shishli and Basin Express .
There are also new investment cities that are somewhat far from the center and center of the city . They also find all types of apartments . The most important investment areas in Istanbul are the Beylikduzu , Bashakshehir , the Bahcheshehir and the Buyuk chakmaje .
The rural and popular areas , which include various apartments between the old and the modern at the cheapest prices , and the most prominent areas of Beykoz , Ghazi Osman Pasha , Ayoub , Silivry , and Shilla .
Search criteria when buying an apartment in Istanbul
First is the area where the apartment is located
You should specify the purpose behind buying an apartment in Istanbul and whether it is tourist or investment or housing .
Do not rush to buy . Take a good tour of Istanbul’s many areas including the city center , the European side , the Asian side , the new areas where the properties are still under construction , the location that suits you and your physical conditions . We recommend buying on the European side or the new areas as the most popular . .
Ensure that all basic services are available in the area where you wish to purchase an apartment . A school , hospital and shopping centers near the apartment greatly increase your investment and tourism opportunities .
Be sure to buy an apartment in Istanbul that is close to public transport such as Metro , Metrobus and internal buses for easy transportation .
Near the apartment or the area where you are buying from the giant economic projects and development plan, where the implementation of many large projects such as Istanbul new channel , Istanbul’s new airport, Istanbul Bridge and Istanbul , and this will increase investment opportunities when selling or Rent in the future .
Near the apartment of recreational places , parks and green spaces , coasts and sea views , tourist places as well as archaeological is a major factor and important to consider when buying an apartment in Istanbul .
 Second apartment itself
The area of ​​the apartment you want to purchase depends on several factors, including your physical potential in the first place and the purpose or purpose you intend to purchase for it .
You should choose the apartment in a central role because this helps you a lot when you use it for investment purposes and increase the price .
Infrastructure and ensure the safety and availability of security component in the residential building or the region as a whole to avoid exposure to theft or what is young .
Privacy An important factor that everyone is keen to pay attention to when buying an apartment in Istanbul The fact that the vast majority of apartments in Istanbul designed insulation system to maintain privacy as much as possible .
Ensure all legal procedures by inquiring at the Directorate of Real Estate Registry whether there are any restrictions on the property , such as debt , mortgage , or any problems that will hamper the transfer of ownership .
Procedures for completing an apartment purchase in Istanbul
Bring the required documents represented in the passport , personal photos and other important documents .
The transfer of ownership is completed in the competent real estate departments in Istanbul .
The agreed money is paid and the payment receipt is received .

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