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☑ Get Turkish residence :

Tourist accommodation or other types of accommodation in Turkey is one of the most important means of maintaining the legal status in the Republic of Turkey without being subject to financial fines and legal violations and denial of entry to Turkey, so any foreigner of any nationality may apply for tourist or other residence , Real estate, family) in accordance with the conditions and standards established by the Republic of Turkey according to the law of foreigners , to obtain a residence in Turkey must be your entry to Turkey recently within the period specified to you according to your nationality under the Aliens Act

☑ What to offer you Gold Estate Turkey for  The Turkish Tourist Accommodation :
All the necessary papers are processed by our company according to the type of residence and according to marital status (single or married) from electronic submission, effective health insurance in many private and public hospitals, tax registration number, On the day of your appointment, you will go to the Immigration Department and submit your file personally. The costs charged to you will be paid under the Turkish Foreigners’ Law according to your nationality. After submitting the papers and paying the costs you will be handed a final paper from the Immigration Department stating that you have completed the papers M sent you  to home The address in a maximum (15) from the date of the interview

☑ Why do you need Turkish accommodation ?
Turkish tourist accommodation allows you to enter and leave Turkey without a visa and without paying a fine 

Obtain an identity number , because it is a requirement in a lot of internal transactions
A prerequisite for the establishment of an investor
Open a bank account in all Turkish and international banks
Facilitating the movement of traders and businessmen, establishing companies or any special work and registering in Turkish universities and schools
Register your electricity, gas and water bill in your name and get online services
Help you acquire real estate, buy a car or issue a Turkish driving license
Apply for citizenship after a period of residence (for some types of residence)

☑ Required papers for tourist visa issuance :
Passport photos (first page, second page, and seal page)
Portrait of a white background figure (2)
The detailed housing address, preferably the invoice or lease contract
Tax Number
Accommodation in Turkey
Tourist residence: Any expatriate within Turkey has the right to apply for it. The duration of residence is two years renewable.
Paperwork :

Valid passport not less than 6 months.
Photo No. 5.
E-filing papers.
The contract of renting a house in Turkey is certified by the Notter (Turkish justice writer).
Health insurance for the residence holder (age under 18 years is not required and greater than 65 years is not required).
Bank statement of $ 6000 (not always required)
Tax number.

☑ Family residence : You can apply for this residence in the following cases :
If the father or mother obtains a job and can apply for it to all family members (spouse / children), the same period of work is for the accompanying person.
It is possible for the family to be married to a Turkish wife or a Turkish husband and can be applied to all members of the family (spouse / children). The residence may be one , two or three years depending on the request.
Paperwork :

The same residence papers as well as the Turkish identity photo of the official or the establishment of work for the expatriate and in some cases a statement requested by the mother country is required.
Residence (Tabu) : This residence is granted to owners of real estate in Turkey in the event of an official tabu of the property, the duration of residence two years renewable.
Paperwork :

The same securities required for tourist accommodation, but instead of the lease of the original taboo contract (TAPU KAYDI) from the taboo and from the souls paper (ADRES KAYDI).

☑ Establishment of work in Turkey for foreigners
What is a job?

It is a residence issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, which can be obtained by any person who is a company owner in Turkey or an employee of a company, regardless of his / her place of employment and the conditions vary depending on the place of employment, nationality and type of residence document.

☑ Job creation features: 

The holder of the right to reside in Turkey shall be granted the length of stay without any legal liability
The right to apply for Turkish citizenship after a period of five years provided that permanent residence in Turkey without interruption more than 6 months outside Turkey.
Employment grants the right to apply for the Schengen visa to enter the EU
By setting up work can stay outside Turkey for any indefinite period without being restricted in a certain period within or outside Turkey
Guaranteeing rights when registering in social insurance and taking advantage of medical services for discounts up to 80% in private hospitals and pharmacies and up to 100% in state hospitals. The father, mother, spouse, children can benefit from the insurance free of charge Set them up

☑ Conditions for applying for employment :

There is a valid tourist residence when submitting papers
The applicant must be an employee of a company in Turkey or a company
When these conditions are fully met, the following papers must be brought to our company to start the necessary procedures :

The agency us by the owner personally if you are the owner of the company
(If you are an employee in a company the company owner must carry out an agency for us)
The commercial newspaper of the company owned or operated by the company
Company tax chart
Statement of Business Events
Registration of the company’s address in social insurance
Picture Number (2)
The image of the residence is face and back
Translation of the scientific certificate obtained (if any)
Passport Translation
Address in the country of origin and phone number
Social status and number of children


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