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Golden Real Estate has many after sales services. One of these services helps to obtain a tax number. All you have to do is give our sales agents a copy of your passport and they will extract your tax number.

What is the tax number?
Tax number or tax identification number is a 9 digit number for individuals for financial transactions. Foreigners must obtain a tax number to be able to open an account in the bank, which in turn is necessary in the process of buying property in Turkey.

The Turkish Tax Identification Number is used in:

• Opening a Turkish bank account
• Registration for utility bills
• Payment of real estate taxes / Turkish municipality
• Payment of residence permit fees
• Apply for a Turkish driver’s license

All Turkish citizens have a tax identification number automatically (tax identification number) as it is a legal requirement. It also applies to foreigners residing in Turkey when the stay exceeds 90 days.

How to get your tax ID?
Getting a tax number is not difficult. You can go to any local tax office and apply for it. The only thing you need is your passport and a copy of your passport. Your data will be recorded and you will be given your tax number.

Normally this process takes about ten to fifteen minutes. After receiving the tax number, you can open a bank account and resume your formal transactions.

Having a tax number does not mean you have to pay taxes; but it is necessary to complete transactions like opening a bank account to deposit money.



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