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Prices of apartments in Istanbul

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Prices of apartments in Istanbul and the reasons for inequality

Do you want to relax and live in a lively city full of modernity and beauty ? Do you want to enter the real estate investment area safely ? If you are lucky to have all the things you are looking for and want to do in one city , Istanbul, but let’s ask you first . Do you know the price of apartments in Istanbul ?

It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world where there is no difference between Arabs and Europeans . Therefore , anyone who wants to get rid of the pressures of life Restore energy and activity .

The site is the heart of Turkey on the one hand and the meeting of two continents of the largest continents of the world are the continent of Asia and the continent of Europe, so you find among them always the speed of European life and the tranquility of Asian life, all options are available to you there and you decide what you want to live .

Therefore , it is not surprising to find a continuous rush on the real estate market in Istanbul , especially in light of the Turkish government offers continuing facilities for foreign investors and want to buy apartments or real estate in Turkey , all factors help you to have a fingerprint in Turkey .

Prices of apartments in Istanbul
The constant question remains the thinking of every investor who decided to enter the real estate market in Turkey and seeks to own an apartment in Istanbul , especially the price of apartments in Istanbul in the current situation , especially in light of the enormous advantages enjoyed by the city .

In fact , despite the fact that Istanbul has all the advantages of tourism , aesthetic and investment, but the prices of apartments are suitable for all and even less than it deserves value , so investors and economists prepare a suitable opportunity to buy and own , with expectations of a significant increase in prices in the near future .

When we talk about the prices of apartments in Istanbul specifically , we find that there is a new and updated every day in prices due to economic factors and market conditions , but in general we can say that the prices in relation to the purchase of a small apartment in Istanbul somewhat less than $ 50 thousand dollars .

Of course , there is a difference in the prices of apartments in Istanbul , it is difficult to find a flat price for several reasons we will clarify with you .

Reasons for the uneven prices of apartments in Istanbul
The location of the factors that affect significantly in the high or low prices of real estate anywhere , and when you visit Istanbul , we find that the proximity of apartments from the heart of Istanbul , of course , makes their prices and value more than those in the remote regions and suburbs .

It also varies depending on the proximity of the apartment to the important sites , whether tourist or historical , and the prices of apartments on the Asian side also from the European side , as well as apartments in the new investment areas .

Not only that , but the location of the apartment from the floor or construction also controls the price of apartments in Istanbul , the apartments in the middle floors are higher than the price of high and very low .

The size of the apartment or property controls the prices of apartments in Istanbul , so the prices are not equal to small areas with medium and large areas .

And you are here dear responsible for determining the appropriate space for you , whether for housing or investment taking into account the net and total area of ​​the apartment , as well as the area of ​​cracks and internal division .

Case and age of the apartment
Prices of apartments under construction vary from ready-to-live apartments . Prices of newly built apartments are less expensive than those available . Old apartments in popular neighborhoods are lower in price compared to those in modern residential complexes .

Near transportation
There are key factors that control the prices of apartments in Istanbul, including near the apartment or after the basic transport in the country , such as metro , metro , and tramway , the closer the place of the apartment from the means of transportation increased the price and vice versa .

Availability of vital services
The availability of basic services from hospitals , schools and shops in the area where apartments and apartments are available has a significant impact on prices . Therefore , we find a difference in prices in integrated residential complexes for popular areas or where there are not all the services that any citizen searches for .

Economic projects and development projects
A new economic boom is expected in Istanbul soon with the completion of a series of important vital and economic projects that the government is seeking to implement such as the new Istanbul Canal , the new Istanbul Airport , Istanbul Airport and many others as well as smart cities .

Of course , the prices of land and real estate close to these vital projects are expected to double and increase by up to 50% from their current prices .

Near the apartments of commercial malls
The entertainment aspect is an important factor to consider when choosing an apartment in Istanbul . Therefore, we find a rise in the prices of apartments in Istanbul , especially those close to malls , restaurants, clubs and cafés , green spaces and gardens from those far away that require you time and transportation to reach them .

These are the most important factors that greatly affect the uneven prices of apartments in Istanbul , so we recommend that you choose the modern investment areas because they are less than prices and open the field

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