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Real estate development in Turkey
The real estate development in Turkey and its most important stages and the steps it takes are among the most important questions that concern many in the current crisis and the continuous decline.

There is no doubt that the economic decline that dominated many countries in the world during the current stage has led to the fear and concern of many investors and their reluctance to enter into any new investment for fear of losing money or increasing losses

However, what we would like to be aware of is that despite all the challenges that Turkey has faced since the failed coup attempt and the high rates of inflation and instability of the Turkish lira,

All investors will be thinking about real estate investing in Turkey in the near future. However, when looking at it , we will find that Turkey is in the list of countries that have achieved the best growth rates in 2017 with China, India, And Indonesia,

 due to the fact that these countries possess a strong economic system and a large capacity to absorb growth. Besides, the State of Turkey is one of the large countries that have all the elements of strength and success because of its location

The strategic geography and its cities, which are very beautiful and accepted by all to combine the beauty of the European and Asian beauty and Pacific. In addition to the interest and focus of the state in the recent period on stimulating private sectors and increase

Investments and give all opportunities and facilities for Arab and foreign investors to enter the country and obtain Turkish citizenship with the implementation of conditions . Real estate development in Turkey is one of the best areas of investment that open the way to All investors have an enormous scope of benefits. Having a home or a residential property in Turkey can be an easy way to get a nationality. It also gives you the opportunity to visit the country at any time throughout the world and enjoying it


To see Turkey in all seasons and experience its pleasant weather and visit its wonderful places ,  is a wonderful opportunity for recreation and get rid of the burdens of life and routine boredom.

 Real estate investment in Turkey today guarantees you a sure profit tomorrow. All you pay today is back to you tomorrow, there is no room for loss at all from all sides.

Real estate development in Turkey in light of all the challenges the country is undergoing
The doubts are numerous and the concern is constant and everyone is waiting for the results of the coming days and years . The economic situation in all the countries of the world indicates instability and everyone is afraid to enter the world of investments so as not to lose money .

Careful circumstance is obligatory in light of the current challenges and obstacles , but the Turkish state, headed by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, opened the door to all investors to enter the Turkish markets and the possibility of real estate investment.

This is for the awareness of many of the importance of this field in the long term , and anyone who doubts the future investment offer you the most important expectations of real estate development in Turkey and leave you the choice and judgment after that.

Turkey’s economic plan, which is due to be completed by 2023 , includes a number of mega projects including the new Istanbul Canal , the third airport and many highways that facilitate commercial activity, indicating a sharp rise in Turkish land and properties in the near future.
The many facilities granted by the Turkish government to Arab and foreign investors make it very easy to enter the Turkish markets . The lands , real estate and investment opportunities are highly guaranteed, especially in light of the increase in foreign investments and the wide spread of them.
The decline in the Turkish lira significantly makes it easier for you to buy in the current period and get rid of the burden of high prices. Real estate investment in Turkey is the lowest price compared to other European countries such as Italy and Spain.
The success of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in achieving political and social stability and his dependence on political relations contributed to the stabilization of the economy somewhat.
In addition to the economic map of the country, it also succeeded in signing several trade and investment agreements and treaties which served as a safety shield to protect them against market risks and instability.
Reasons for continued growth of the real estate sector
There are a lot of indicators that point to the real estate development in Turkey and its continuation in spite of all the challenges for several reasons including :

.The erroneous international policy in the administration of US President Trump resulted in many disruptions in the Arab and Islamic countries. In contrast, Turkey succeeded in maintaining its position and status until it became the primary destination for Arab investors in the Middle East.
.The deterioration of many areas due to low oil prices made many investors resort to real estate investment as an alternative to protect their money and guarantee them the profit and development of real estate in Turkey provides you with all the guarantees and profit sure.
.The stability of tourism, political and social and good indicators of economic stability in Turkey increases the confidence of Arab and foreign investors in entering the field of real estate investment.
.Direct handling of the presidency with investors guarantees you the availability of trust and all rights without concern.
.Not raising the interest rate by the Turkish government enhances the opportunities for investment expansion in the real estate market.
.The low price of the Turkish lira against the US dollar has resulted in a drop in the price of Turkish land and real estate, which makes it easier for you to buy and build or buy an old house and   renovate it and sell it in the future at fantastic prices.
.Real estate development in Turkey

The real estate development in Turkey and its most important stages and the steps it takes are among the most important questions that concern many in the current crisis and the continuous decline .


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