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Silevre region and the importance of land investment in it

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Silevre region and the importance of land investment in it

In light of the instability of the US dollar between the decline and rise , which led to a large increase in the prices of petrol from oil, gasoline , gas and young, everyone is resorting to real estate investments, especially with the opening of markets has become the ideal choice for all who wish to ensure the future , and the areas attracting investment is Turkish region of Silesi a .

Turkey in general is one of the countries that has succeeded in occupying the top position of the Islamic investment countries as it is a country attractive to invest heavily either by Turkish investors or even from abroad , as it has become one of the first options for Arab investors as well as foreigners from various European countries .

The most important feature of Turkey in other countries in the field of investment is precisely that it includes a number of areas that are very vital and guarantee any investor a definite profit , in addition to the diversity of real estate to suit all the conditions and possibilities of investors , you will find the real estate is expensive and also medium-cost and low .
One of the best investment areas of Turkey is the Silevri region , which is located within the European section of Istanbul , which is located along the Sea of ​​Marmara, the second largest area in Istanbul after the Chattalja region .
Today , we will take a quick look at the Sailivri region and the importance of land investment in it , and the most important advantages that drive a large number of investors to choose them from other regions of Turkey .
The reasons why you choose the Sailbury area to invest in
There is no doubt that the eyes of investors when mentioning Turkey is moving immediately to the city of Istanbul and the vital areas suitable for investment, both in terms of land or real estate , everyone wants to make a profit without a doubt, and there are many reasons behind the selection of the region of Selefri specifically , including :

• Its unique geographic location, which we have mentioned in the region as it is second only to the second largest area of ​​Istanbul and only 70 km from the city , which makes it easier to move and get to the city quickly .
• The Salivri area is basically a rural area with tranquility, cleanliness and atmosphere that encourages relaxation and the vast majority of its residential units take the style and style of villas in design, adding to its luxury.
• Investment opportunities are multiple, both land purchase and construction with livestock and horses, or purchase and lease of real estate and housing units.
• All the services that any person is looking for when purchasing any housing units available in this region as it is an integrated area with commercial services, real estate and also tourism , do not make you need anything from abroad .
• The area is located on the highway , which is connected to all means of transportation. It will find land and sea transport. Perhaps more important and attractive to investors is the near completion of the Third Istanbul Bridge Project Pass from the area .
• A very vital area because of its natural harbor , which increases the movement of investments . It is also close to and connected to all the industrial centers and neighboring residential centers. It is one of Istanbul’s most vital centers for many foreigners .
• One of the most important reasons for any investor and owner of the money to choose the region of Sailivri is that the property of the cheapest real estate is not only in Istanbul, but in Turkey in general , the prices of houses in Silvary ranging from one hundred thousand Turkish liras to four hundred thousand Turkish liras  .
• For those who want to buy , these times are undoubtedly the most appropriate since the rate of increase in the prices of real estate prices Slevri low now, the real estate prices increased between 2017 and 2018 by 0.2% .
• Turkey opened the door recently to many investors by granting them a lot of facilities in obtaining citizenship and purchase rights and investment within the country while guaranteeing all the rights of both the state and the investor .

The benefits to investors in the Seleverry region

  1. Anyone who has a forward-looking outlook can predict the importance of this region and the extent of the gains and profits that any investor may gain after that.
  2. The Silvari region is also one of Istanbul’s major expansion and expansion areas, which is part of its government’s ongoing development plan. A large number of residents are expected to live west of Istanbul, where the Silesian region is located over the coming years.
  3. Prices for the purchase of real estate in the region of Selefri now can not be compared to the purchase prices after the completion of the construction of the bridge and Istanbul’s new airport, then you can sell or lease at prices suitable for the integrated services and achieve high profit.
  4. A number of projects will be implemented in the coming period, including berths for yachts and the extension of the metro line to the region, as well as increased transport by bus from the municipality to the region more, increasing the opportunities for interest and investment.
  5. The area, along with investment, is an ideal choice for recreation and the best of times. It includes many parks and safe parks for the whole family and for children in particular. There is also a five star hotel and commercial malls to meet everyone’s needs.

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