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What is the benefit of title deed:
If someone has the right to own a property, it means that they have ownership rights to the property. In other words, that person retains a set of property rights. The title is also a proof of ownership. However, no longer
The right of ownership is a printed document that the owner can give to someone.
Example: When a retailer sells a product, it offers a receipt. This paper serves as a guide to the procurement process. When we sell personal ownership, a sales invoice is submitted to the buyer for the same purpose. We follow the same process
In real estate we use a document called title deed.
The title deed is a legal written document that transfers the ownership of any property to another person, assuming that it has been signed and delivered.

  • The parties to the title shall be the grantor and the grantor. The elements of title deed shall consist of the following: Identification of the parties (the grantor and the grantor) The grantor with the legal capacity Transfer clauses (grant clause) Legal description of the property
    The financial assessment received by the grantor shall be made available under a written document signed by the grantor and the grantor’s acceptance and acceptance by the grantor

Information required when obtaining a title deed in Turkey:
City, area, street, land address.
A personal photo of the owner.
Partial Land Registration Number for Area Management.
 Type of land.
The area of ​​land on which the building or residential complex is located.
Area of ​​property purchased on land, building number, floor.
Property price in Turkish lira.
The method of obtaining the property, for example, buying from a building company, buying from a person, inheritance and so on, and some information about the owner of the property.
Information about the new owners and the percentage of shares they own.
Registration data before buying the property.
Registration data after purchase of the property.
Seal and sign the section responsible for the bond.
 Time to extract title:
The process of extracting the bond takes a period of time depending on the existing situation

Example: In the case of buying and selling in an area where there are no foreign owners take the process of extracting the bond for a period of 35 days to 90 days

If the area is owned by any foreigner, the process of extracting the bond is carried out within one day

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