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  • Southern Marmara Road:

This is Turkey’s daily reality. We are looking for new news about its huge projects and in its perspective, the development of infrastructure and all service areas

As well as Turkey’s projects that compete with the most powerful projects in the world and design the ability to develop and renaissance of Turkey now

We also have the new Istanbul Airport, which is called Greater Giant Europe, and also the tunnel project. The Zigana Tunnel, which is rich in definition, is the longest tunnel in the European Union. We also have a bridge (Sultan Yavuz Selim). It has no parallel among all countries. Countries of the world, and a lot of huge and renewable projects in Turkey.

With the participation of some officials in the Turkish state, including the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, a meeting of regional directors of roads in Ankara was held. The first attendant was the Minister Turhan, who will present the possibilities of the southern Marmara road to the roads connecting the two continents.

What are the projects of Turkey in 2023?

One of the most important successes in the road network:

“The success of the Ministry of Transport in all projects and in all areas of Turkey, especially after the completion of many projects and transportation campaign.

Work began on the series of projects Turkey in 2003 AD During the 16 years, the Ministry of Transport has achieved a great and distinctive work and the establishment of a road network and its scope exceeds 21 thousand kilometers and to reach the 77 provinces of Turkey.

“We have added to the fast road network in 2018 with a total area of ​​625 kilometers divided by many roads. We have reached some roads and made multi-lane roads and increased double speed, which led to the disappearance,” he added. Half time or flight duration.

Turkey’s giant projects:

Several positive impacts of Turkey’s road projects

“Today, 81 per cent of the traffic is carried out through multi-lane routes, thus providing about 17 billion and 771 million Turkish lira of fuel per year,” he said. 3 million and 249 thousand tons of pollution missions per year, and improved road specifications in terms of raising the level of comfort and safety, in addition to that 37% of our network of roads, namely: 25 thousand and 215 kilometers, paved with hot bitumen.

“We have completed 90 percent of the east-west axis and 86 percent of the north-south axis, which is the link to the border gates, ports and airports,” Turhan said, referring to the percentage of completed projects on the road network.

Minister Turhan also talked about one of Turkey’s giant projects, the opening of the world’s largest bridge, Sultan’s Bridge, Yavuz Sultan Selim.

Projects of modern Turkey

Speaking about the giant projects in Turkey in 2023, Minister Turhan continued: “Work is progressing on every project in the following ways:

Gbaza – Izmir Road.

Southern Marmara Road.

The bridge of Jnaq al-Qal’a.

Canali Road – Tkardag Jnaq Qal’a – Balak Asir.

The Gbaza-Izmir route will gradually enter the service area. “

“The Eurasia Tunnel, which we opened two years ago, saved 23 million hours a year, 30,000 tons of fuel and 18,000 tons of emissions,” said Turhan. Carbon dioxide “.

“The roads we have opened are very high-quality roads. We are also concerned with the security of vehicles that will use the road as much as we are concerned about its specifications. We will build bridges and tunnels wherever we need them,” Turhan said. Transportation networks without interruption. “

It is noteworthy that Turkey’s permanent and renewable projects in the development of its infrastructure, comes in line with the policies taken in support of the real estate and investment sectors, the reflection of the network of advanced transport is evident in many sectors,

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