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Sometimes property buyers appoint or appoint third parties as their agent in Turkey . This is usually done when buyers can not travel to perform the procedures for signing and registering title deeds .

The Power of Attorney (POA) takes two hours at any notary’s office in Turkey . In the case of foreigners who do not know the Turkish language they will need to use an accredited translator , registered with the notary’s office .

When you deliver a POA to someone , you clearly state that “You may act on my behalf for these powers ,” so it is only advisable to give them to trusted real estate agents or registered and authorized attorneys .

The power of attorney must include only the power of the necessary procedures and anything else mentioned . This usually involves purchasing properties on your behalf as well as getting electricity and water . Avoid the power of attorney because this gives the other party approval to sell the property or carry the debt , and have serious consequences in the event of the occurrence of the hands of the unsafe .

Form of the power of attorney document
Here is an example of an official agent in Turkey authorizing a Gold  Estate Turkey company to buy a property in Turkey and get a water and electricity subscription on your behalf .

The undersigned is represented by the Attorney-General’s Public Notary No . 13 in Antalya Othman Ahmad Jyoglu , authorized by the signature of the President of the Book , Namik Davaskan , who has been referred to me by the name of the client while performing my duties at Vener Mahe , Bulent Ecevit Avenue, No. 70 / A Court Abt. Lara , Antalya. Who provided him / her with the details of the identification card submitted ……………..), who orally requested through an interpreter that we act as an agent . Since I could not communicate with him , I chose the interpreter in our notary office and Ali Vissi, whom I knew would be able to communicate with him / her to work as an interpreter .

I learned through the translator that the person concerned possessed the authority required to conduct the reported operation and that he / she does not speak Turkish , but he / she knows how to read and write . He / Ha requested the following through the translator himself and the Commissioner who I knew possessed the necessary skills , and evidence of his identity presented to me in the form of identity documents .

Purchase of the property : I am the eyes of this document Birm Tkajh , holder of the Turkish identity number: ……… .., and whose father’s name is ……… and the mother’s name ……, which was born on … … ……. In KDS Irigli, as the person authorized and authorized to act on my behalf in the following matters :
To make the necessary requests to various organizations and authorities to obtain the required permits so that I can purchase land and real estate within the borders of the Republic of Turkey ;

To submit and collect documents in person ; to prepare and sign petitions ; to request and collect any documents to be filed in my name for the above subject ; to pay all fees, to receive any return paid ,

Collect the necessary documents from the land registry and submit them to the foreign police branch of the police in order to obtain a residence permit ; to make the necessary written communications ; to obtain a tax number in my name ; to purchase any land or property within the boundaries of any of Antalya’s regions and villages , No matter what the price , under any circumstances , no matter what the location , and anyone – whether individual or legal entities – wills ;

For the purchase of the purchase price ; to accept any tasks to be performed in the presence of the relevant director of the land registry or the authorized officer ; to sign the property book , records and all documents ; Contracts to the necessary authorities ; to make permits and make submissions , to protect my interests and rights with respect to such property ;

To send all kinds of warnings to third parties ; to carry out all necessary legal and other proceedings in respect of the above matters , to appear before and sign all official institutions and authorities and to make undertakings to the necessary authorities and organizations that , in accordance with the principles of reciprocity , Which I will purchase within the borders of the Republic of Turkey will not exceed 2.5 (two and a half) hectares , and should be specified otherwise , I accept unconditionally and undertake to sell the excess property for money , to prepare and sign any necessary documents in To obtain the necessary written permission from the Ministry of Defense or authorized military organizations , the General Directorate of Land Registry and the directorates of the land registry or the relevant organizations and authorities , in order to be able to obtain real estate property within Turkey , to take all necessary written communications , And the submission and acceptance of permits . “

The statement written by the interpreter has been read to the relevant party . The relevant person stated through the interpreter that what he wrote on the declaration he made is in accordance with his / her wishes , the statement has been signed by the relevant person , the accredited interpreter , and himself . The twenty-first day of the month of February of the year and twelve . 2012/02/21.

Author’s statement : I have reached the wishes of the concerned party who speaks Arabic to the Notary Public . The above statement , written by the notary public , was translated into the party concerned . He (T) said he / she declares that the above is according to his / her true wishes . I hereby declare that the party concerned has accepted this statement and has signed it in my presence .


Name and signature


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