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The importance of the success of the Turkish economy is one of the reasons the first of which is the renewed residential complexes day after day to this day there are many large residential complexes and service and the site of residential complexes in Istanbul is the most civilized and developed significantly seen by the real estate market from the first quarter of 2019 because of the desire of visitors and foreigners In real estate investment in Turkey .

The residential and real estate communities succeeded in entering the investment race in excess of what was expected , and it became the first choice for all Arab and European businessmen , wishing to move away from hydrocarbons, which attracted many to Turkey and real estate investment .

Turkey in terms of civilization , beauty, archeological and tourist attractions , because of its tourist and cultural potential , which attracts thousands of tourists and visitors from all over the world annually . It is also an Islamic religion . It is known for its large mosques which establish and repair mosques every year .

Location of Turkey : It enjoys a strategic location distinctive as it sits at the heart of the Middle condition and connects two continents of the most important continents of the world , including (Mosque Chamlija, which is the largest mosque in Turkey)

Turkish border : The Turkish border between the European and Asian continents is a basic reason

Capable of attracting any tourist and investor wishing to tourism and reveal the beauty of the regions and enjoy the wonderful combination .

In addition to the Turkish border , which reaches some European and Arab countries , for example , from the east , Iran and Armenia , and from the south Syria , Iraq and the Mediterranean

What makes Turkey close to some countries  ?
Which makes it very close to real estate investment , which has witnessed the development and desire of many investors and some businessmen for many reasons not available in some countries to obtain a property and investment only in Turkey , which facilitates many things for investors .

Today , we will highlight why Turkey and real estate investment in particular and the most important elements that distinguish them from others and increase the demand for them day after day .

Why Turkey and real estate investing in it?

The Turkish state gives great attention over the past years to residential complexes and infrastructure , which is a major reason for the increase of residential complexes in Turkey and the prices are compatible with many , especially those with low financial potential .

Security Steps The most important thing for any investor who wants to choose Turkey and real estate investment , where all the residential complexes in Turkey with the first degree of protection and security through the availability of security guards on the gate of each residential complex , and around the clock and not allow foreigners to enter any residential complex .
Diversity In Turkey we can find large residential complexes and luxury buildings as they are characterized by stunning engineering design . It is comparable to buildings in European countries . You also have more than one choice among middle-class properties in some popular neighborhoods . There are also villas in the finest and most prestigious Turkish places
In Turkey provides you with all services and needs in the vicinity of residential complexes and universities and schools and allow the entry of Arabs and foreigners to join them and also provide the most advanced medical equipment and hospitals .
Local and cultural services and activities: It includes many recreational areas, restaurants, archaeological museums and also shopping shops with international brands .
Most of the buildings in Turkey are designed inside and outside the building with a very cool design that offers you psychological comfort. The buildings from the inside enjoy building the walls with insulating materials that give importance to the household .
Turkey’s prime location is a key reason for investor targeting and buying .
What is the reason for the sudden attention of the investor in Turkey ? Is the largest projects in Turkey , which are currently being implemented and are expected to be completed by the beginning of 2020 . The most important projects are the new Istanbul Canal , the new airport in Istanbul, and the Istanbul International Financial Bank .
Property prices in many areas of Turkey today are a medium and a very suitable for real estate investment with the expectations of increasing property prices in the future , especially near the new economic projects, which is what makes investors to buy quickly .
Turkey facilitates the treatment of buying and selling without any obstacles or obstacles that hinder all foreign investors and is committed to all conditions aimed at preserving the rights of the state and investors away from the operations of the monument by some companies .
What are the benefits of your investment in Turkey ?
Taking advantage of the purchase of real estate and investment is a golden opportunity to allow you to obtain Turkish citizenship and benefit from some rights Turkish citizens origin and the state’s keenness to encourage investment .
How to invest in real estate in Turkey
Real estate investment in Turkey has more than one type , which guarantees to any investor and owner of the money of the return of his money in a multiplication , and the most prominent of these methods :
Buying a property in an area or a residential complex in Turkey It is preferable to focus on modern investment complexes , to rent them permanently and to benefit from the material proceeds
There are many tourists coming to Turkey on holidays and holidays .
There are many who prefer to buy in this under the average price appropriate for real estate, and then sell in the coming years during the completion of all economic projects and development projects and increase prices, in which case will achieve the double gain .
And some prefer agricultural land for investment and construction and the possibility of construction and achieve the return planned during the beginning of investment .

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