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Beware of deception when buying a property in Turkey and the most important tips
With the announcement of the Turkish government , headed by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for many facilities for investment and the entry of foreigners to the Turkish market , many Arab and foreign investors found a huge opportunity to move to real estate investment in Turkey , especially in light of the instability of oil and fuel prices .

Which has affected the global economic investment significantly , which has increased the thought of investment property as the most secure these times .

Real estate investment in Turkey
Turkey is one of the largest European countries , which is a great opportunity for real estate investment secured for several reasons , including the stability of political and social situation in Turkey , much more than many other countries .
Turkey is also the bright destination of the Islamic countries that have succeeded in maintaining their economic stability for a long time under the success of the policy of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his relations with the countries that resulted in the signing of many treaties and agreements .
This is in addition to the map of the huge economic projects that Turkey is preparing to implement and complete by the year 2023 , all pointing to the high prices of lands close to these projects , which naturally results in higher real estate prices over the coming years .
But now is the wonderful opportunity to buy or build under the decline of the Turkish lira against the US dollar , which indicates lower prices compared to other European countries such as France , Spain and also Italy .
The opportunity of real estate investment in Turkey opens the door for you to obtain Turkish citizenship, which is the most important conditions to buy a house in the country , all this opens the appetite of many investors to experience the investment in real estate , which guarantees you a sure profit .
But the concern of many is the fear of falling prey to property theft . There is no doubt that any area has many negative aspects , the most prominent of which is the sale of illusion and playing on the weakness of investors with the temptations of profit .

In order to avoid all this and the success of real estate purchase and investment , we present today a set of important points and tips that must be focused on when buying property to ensure the peaceful procedures and not to be cheated .

Top tips for anyone who wants to buy a property in Turkey to avoid fraud
Look closely at the CV of the real estate company being handled and pay the money , which shows you how new the company and its reputation in the field and be able to follow all the previous projects and constructions of the company and reached in nature and ground .
Beware of deceptive appearances Many fraud and depravity companies depend primarily on deceiving customers by appearance and showing off the super richness and luxury cars that make you think immediately that these people do not need the monument and keep your eye away from the fact of searching behind their records and asking about their reputation . Money without real collateral .
See the area of ​​the real estate on the ground and preview the house that is purchased and know all the specifications of the nature on the not to be deceived then and the occurrence of unpleasant surprises .
Stay away from sweet talk Many companies that follow the method of fraud resort to influence the feelings of investors by diluting the gains nearby and quick profits for the whole field of the system and there are indicators to confirm the gain , but not the image that is envisaged .
Follow up the commercial records of the company and whether it has assets in the Ministry of Commerce and all its licenses which confirm the safety of all its papers and ensure you to deal with them legally can not be manipulated .
The purchase of illusion or in other words buildings that have not yet been established and have not been issued building permits as well as houses that are still of the models and did not start work .
Before you start buying , you must make sure that the property you buy is new or old that is not mortgaged to anyone or has been booked before so that the fines are not imposed on you in the future and you are in trouble you need .
The signing of purchase contracts must be done by a legal lawyer with long experience and sales in the field . All payments must be made by the bank to guarantee the rights of both the investor and the real estate company .
In the interest of the Turkish state and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to increase the opportunities for real estate investment in the country , he stressed the treatment of Arab and foreign investors directly with the Presidency to ensure that all factors of safety and confidence between the parties to enter the field without concern .

This is in addition to not raising the interest rate by the Turkish government , which enhances the opportunities for investment expansion in the real estate market .

It should be noted that the choice of the appropriate strategic area is back to you for sure profit because of what the state intends to implement large projects , including the new Istanbul Canal as well as the third airport and many highways that facilitate business activity also .

Which indicates a sharp rise in Turkish land and property in the near future , which also requires you to choose the real estate company you deal with when you buy seriously and carefully .

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